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.Wednesday, March 31, 2010 ' 8:28 AM

6 more days.

I am feeling very tired but just couldnt bring myself to sleep.
So many attempts to rest a wink didnt work out.
And every single thought of mine is about you.
My dearest, I miss you so much.

yang ;

.Tuesday, March 30, 2010 ' 1:49 PM

baby, tell me how can i tell u, that i love u all my life.

Today, this blog is open.
For one reason, and its you.

This is the 7th day before B's back.
Already i am feeling the pain.
Browsing every single post on B's blog, I felt her, so much.
What i am going through now is nothing compared to her.

The moment i closed my eyes, memories of me and her flowed like never before.
Words can only describe this much.
I am wrong, utterly wrong.

2nd day of IIT school orientation camp. The first time she appeared in my life.
The undescribable feeling for this person. Special is the word.
It happened like... a fairytale.
She bursted into tears during the nightwalk.
I felt shocked, couldnt help but went forward to hold this stranger in the hand.
From this moment, I knew she's the one.

As time goes by, we chatted through countless of nights.
Feelings for her developed almost naturally.
I knew at that time she had somebody in mind, I kept the truth to myself.
Listened to her sorrows, until a point of time, I confessed my love for this girl.
Tears flowed when she heard it, and so did mine.
Tears of happiness i would say.

Soon, Pidan came into our life at the 3rd month of our romance.
The puppy that we both chosen.
This period is the most wonderful phase of my life.

He's our love.

Problems surfaced eventually.
Arguments, and tiffs soon came knocking at our doors.
Many a times, we overcamed it with trust and faith.

Today, we are facing a greater challenge.
A challenge that will determine our fate.
27th march, we had a hug that woke me up.
I felt her pain, i really do.
I questioned myself countless of times.
Finally, I found my answer to her doubts, but it might just be too late.
She suffered in silence for too long.

The day before she left for Cambodia.
I was sending her back home through the Ubi flyover, and thoughts of her came to my mind.
Fearing that it might be the last time that i will have her on my bike, I held her hand throughout the Ubi Flyover.
Went i got home, we chatted and pour out our thoughts.
I felt so terrible.
Switch on the ignition and sped off into nowwhere in the middle of the night
Ended up in Pasir Ris when a right-turn sign the lead me to TPE.
I know, I have only one way to go, her place.
Through the expressway, tears are pouring down, only left with the wind to dry it.
Broken down when i saw her.

The day when she's leaving for Cambodia.
I spent the day with her.
Looked at her falling asleep reminds me of the first time she slept.
Deep down i know, she is the destined one.

Baby, I would like to thank you for everything.
You had given me the support i needed all the time.
Remember the times when I am having Traffice Police test for Driving and Riding ?
Both the times, before i took the tests, the only thought is you.
I told myself I wouldnt fail you. And i made it.
Today, I had achieved my goal.
And the last thing i hoped for, is to have you with me, enjoying every single scenery that we come across.

Its my fault, really it is me.
Now that i had realised the mistake.
I dont know if it is too late, but i would like to pen it down here.
I hope, if fate allows, Baby to set aside the doubts, and put ur trust and faith in me once again.
Cause, this is somewhere we belong.

Please be back safe and sound, dearie.
Pidan and I will be waiting for you, always.....

Lastly, this song to represent my love to the most important person of my life.


yang ;

.Friday, October 31, 2008 ' 12:06 PM

ah.. okay, i am blogging.
i know i know.. stop reminding me.
i know, this bloggy is collecting dust, decomposing. HAAS.

reason ? er, too busy ? or plain lazy ? or because some pork chop CONTRIBUTE in spoiling my laptop ? okay whateever it is. back to blogging.

Anyway, got a new desktop ytd. AWESOME shit.
i simply love it.

Hmm, has'nt been meeting up my brothers. paiseh uh !
i'll make sure i go down real soon.

Sch's starting to be stressful, more den ever.
and i'have been a good student, attending all lectures, tutorials and labs.
eerm.. accept for today, i skipped lec and left halfway thru financial institution's tutorial.
okay, wont do it again......... HOPEFULLY.

Working on Friday, meeting Zoe and Allan on Sat.
Sunday....... hmm i'm gotta meet them if they're available!

and, i'll sorry tt i could'nt turn up on XH's birthday. argh.

last and for all, tml's lesson starts at 9am. -.-x

yang ;

.Monday, September 8, 2008 ' 6:47 PM

Wo Shi Superman!

First, i'm really really really sorry man, xiaode !
couldn't make it for our outing on SAT and worst for telling u so late.
and yea, i'm sick. and it's for real man.

After the chalet(thursday morning), after i woke up from my sleep, i felt so shitty.
i was shocked when the doctor told me it might be Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease.
and thank god, its a Throat infection + 39+degree fever + Headache. (not really thank god either.)
and e torment lasted a freaking 4 days. no joke. and i went MIA.
sorry guys, to those whom i either didnt answer their calls and smses, i'm v.sorry abt it.
cuz most of the time, i am just lying down on my bed slping. especially during the day.

But still this sick period is unable to surpass what happened to me some time ago..

tt 1 year ago - i just couldnt stop vomiting for every 15 - 20 mins, all the way from afternoon till the next day. and wats worst is... well, not worth to mention anyway, it contributes to the pain drastically, mentally.
haas, i didnt tot of tt incident for so long until these few days when i am so badly sick again.
well, i should be glad now tt it actually happened like how it did, becus it made my mentality stronger den before.
for now, i can simply luff it off. =)

well, this time is all those false alarms. one moment i am fine and next, i'm running fever and my head's gonna burst. and this goes round and round throughout the four days. making me crazy.
AND, now, it feels so good to be healthy again..
wo shi superman, yea!
btw really thanks to those who cared !

xie le uh ! but u're really as naggy as an ahma. worst den my mummy. jiayou for tml. lols.

alrights, i'm gonna watch Mummy 3 now.
later in da morning ard 7++.. i'll head downstairs to get my hot Dou Hua!


yang ;

.Tuesday, September 2, 2008 ' 2:10 PM

7 weeks of holidays' the next big thing.
for the past 1 week, i was hardly at home.
slacked at Yt's place, into some kinda gaming frenzy.
and i sucked at it man. dota.
i took 5 whole days of constant playing to beat an insane AI.

and i'm just like a zombie now.
1 whole day without slp is crazy.
went for my On the Job Training earlier, tot it'll be tough.
it turned out otherwise. and i gt e job. hahas!
and, it's somehow, fun.

Wednesday will be going for another interview. Recommendation by Chinsoon.
i'm wondering if i can cope with 2 jobs.
its not tt i am having some kind of financial crisis.
all thanks to Money Not Enough 2.
made me tot of working as i felt like a guilty mutton. haas.

hmm, my schedule is packed al the way till the next week.
tml's will be chalet time till thursday.
Sat will be work.
Sept 9,10,11 will be IIT's Subcomm camp.
and after tt will be work work work i guess.
i'm so gonna make sure i spend my holidays fruitfully.

besides all of the above, i have got some tasks to fulfill as well.
1. gym time.
2. sentosa tanning session. "aie brothers, hint uh ?"
3.K box with LANCELOT
4.Movies - Babylon, Death Race.
5.Taiwanese dramas.
6.Train train and train dota. "i am no loser!"
7.Study for Fundamentals of Investment paper.
8.Finish reading up my book.
last but not least,
9.learn how to cook Mee Hoon Kuay from Mummy.

yang ;

.Tuesday, August 26, 2008 ' 11:12 AM

"it" taught me not to hate e player, hate e game instead.

an insignificant morning in Sengkang.
while waiting for bus 27 back to tampines,
observed the humans in Sengkang, turns me off.
drove me into typing this description into my phone.
and it goes like..

i admire their never-say-die spirit.

wonder how many gold medals will Sg win if they all were to participate in e Beijing Olympics.

they don't seem to believe in what they see;

that e vehicle can no longer take in any more humans.

they would just squeeze, & squeeze & squeeze & squeeze;

until they can simply smell each other with just a sniff.

awesome kind of sheer determination and belief.

haas, alright, but i still love sengkang dwellers, many goodie friends live there.
and i was also staying there for like.. e past 3-4 days.

it's been a number of days i didnt blogged.
well... cuz e top student of TP is occupied with.........

HAHAS! alright, u know i'm joking.
well, but i am busy with reading books, sadly nt related to my studies at all.

2 days, and i read 150 pages. how do u like tt ?
but there's 1 particular person.. called me an Ah Hai becuz i read.
approximately 300 pages to go. and i'have gotta say e book is awesome.
but still, i'have gotta settle my paper tml.
well, like i always say:

Im smart, so it's like having chicken feet soup with a piece of new york cheese CAKE while doing BIS. =)

okay, i am done with blogging for the sake of blogging.

but before i end.
my dear friend has dyed hair... and it looked like this..

and i find it cool.. haas!

yang ;

.Monday, August 18, 2008 ' 7:17 PM

whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever...

arh.. last night was... well.. i cant think of a word to sum up tt night.
or i should say its... WEIRD. the best word i can come out with man.
alrights, its a club night.
By right, its @ phuture nighty.. but it turned out to be Left(MOS).

and by right again, we'll supposed to celebrate Haowei's duper late b'day.
BUT.. it went LEFT again. Phuture's tickets sold out.
and i cabbed down for nothin. hahas.
but tts not e worst part, cuz haowei add on to my torment by spillin bandung on my white jeans. AWESOME.

The gang arrived, and logically MOS's the only way out.
cabbed there and i grumbled at Benoni.
er.. becuz at first i was damn relunctant to club last night.

so i said:

“你看la! 害我中bandung!"
“next time 我跟你讲我不要,不要,不要。你最好不要跟我讲要,要,要 horrr!"

and its really bored for me at first.
i tot i would just rot there.
but in the end it was kinda ironic of me.

and after last night, i respect Ryan Tan Zhi Yuan.
he rock, cuz he partied like a rockstar.
and.. i promised i'll not blame him regarding the nightmare incident anymore
i mean it dude! lols.
and... she really looks like MABEL ??!?!? and a lil of XinLing ??
guys, agree agree ?? say yes~

after everything ended, we went for BAK KUT TEH.
and Qifeng's the joke of the night man.

He said:

那杯(*****)! 那个马来西亚的女的看我穿shorts就已为我没有钱!
七百(*****)! , 他母亲的!next time 我没有架我的Toyota Camry 来,
你老爸(limpeh)我不要来club ARH!"

okay lar. now, pictures!

Wen and Tiang. er.. the one in the centre.. is he/she even human ?
spooky uh ?

Yt, Wen, Benoni

He always dislike clubbing.
look at him and u'll believe in what i say.

they're simply bored, just like me.

er.. brother.. there no pretty girls lar. look at camera can ?!

1 more time. ok, much better!

and.... this one thing kept lingering in my mind.
it just cant go away !
can u read my mind ?
if any of u guys do, plz tell me!

and... what kinda human am i ?
do u really know me well enuff ?
are there 2 sides of me ?
1 kind in sch, the other kind am i'm out ?
shiit man.. this is crazy.
can anyone tell me ?

hahas.. it's like.. Wadevvvaaa!

yang ;

.Sunday, August 17, 2008 ' 9:18 AM

a nite out at Ahyan's place.

Ahyan's mummy cooked porridge and squeezed orange juice for us ! thanks aunty !
Ryan came to look for jianwen, they then went for party party at MOS.

Xh left shortly to mug on his studies.
The rest of us slacked at Ahyan's place.
and i took photos of......


look at his pose, a potential BOXER. might be the next MASATO ?

kang kang's awake. Cute ?? say yes, or i'll kill u ! hahas

er hello u humans.. i need some privacy.. can u guys just stop looking at me ?!

Kang kang says: Give it to me baby! What e hell are u waiting for ??

eh brother, take photo leh. stop drinking lar horr.

eh brother, look at the camera leh. where u looking at ??!!

Smile kang kang, C'mon.

Wa, i love this shot man.

okay its ard 6 am, and wen is back from his party party.
liping is telling him something astonishing. and he's shocked

yang ;

.Saturday, August 16, 2008 ' 5:58 PM

happened to come across this.

what a wonderful song it is.
meaningful uh.

yang ;

. ' 10:08 AM

ahh, shit.

replies to:

bff: ahhas, Sengkang SUCK ! okay lar. i agree tt sengkang pple are wonderful humans!
but still. sengkang SUCK!

Jia LOL: really gt so funny meh ? stop luffing ar i tell u. u tink i am a JOKE ?
lols, okay lar.. kidding kidding. how are u doing now ?

Chin: lols, wat sia. aie when hungry tell me ah, come out and makan again uh. =D

Ting: ahas, orh. see how lar. but i suddenly dun feel like k-box'ing liao.
u use ur voucher lar, if next time gt chance den go bah. =)


ahh, shit, i woke up late today. missed my 9am's Q&A session.
sorry teachers, it was'nt intentionally ! =)

Thanks BFF cheryl tan cui ling for reminding me to go get my MC!
i'll do it right now. am going to Sims Drive (ah yan's workin in tt clinic today) to see doc now.
and sorry xinhui for not replying, i kept dozing off during the day just now. =D

and afterwards, i'll be meeting my beloved brothers at ah yan's place.
ah yan's mum cooked porridge for us !

allan, darren and xiong is also booking out today.
So... any plans later ?? we shall see !

OH YAR, and i owe Atiqah, Meiwei, Siyun and Sijia this :

我是HAM ! !

er.. and do u guys know how should u look like to say: "HAM" ??
u should look like this.........
Atiqah teaches how to say HAM~

okay, i know i'm just being random, Wadddeevvaaaa !

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